Blind Date with a Book

This is a concept I adopted at book signings and it seems to have taken off! At my most recent signing in Sheffield, there was so much interest from readers and authors alike and it’s proven to be sooo popular.

You don’t know what the cover looks like, basically all you get is a few key words telling you what the brown package you’re buying generally contains. You go in blind, with no expectations, and I think this is something that really works for people with a healthy interest in the unknown who are willing to take a risk!

As I’m not doing another signing in a while now, I’ve decided to sell my BDWAB’s on a more regular basis – so if there’s anything below you fancy, send me an email and I can invoice through PayPal.

Thanks to everyone who came to my table in Sheffield and chatted, bought books or generally enquired what it is that I actually write about. This is, in a way, why I started the Blind Dates – because I write so many different books, these little packages help people see without me going on and on about plots, while trying not to give away numerous spoilers, and/or generally tell you the whole thing before you’ve even dived in! It really is getting hard to define what genre I’m most known for – I guess proper stories with steamy scenes covers a lot of bases but not all.

So, here’s what you can choose from. As I said, mail me, message me on FB or Instagram and we can arrange payment, then I will mail out one or more of these beauties to you (prices not inclusive of P&P).

Happy browsing!

Signed 1st Editions

Now the dust has settled on my very first book signing, I’d like to offer those unable to attend the chance to buy a signed first edition of the following books, direct from me. These are the books I have in stock right now:-

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If you’d like to buy a book, fill in the form below and get in touch! If you’re overseas and want a signed Sarah Michelle Lynch book, please do get in touch and I’ll try to find out the price of postage. Also, if there is a book of mine you’d like signed but I don’t have it right now, please get in touch and I’ll see what we can do for you.

I also have A Fine Pursuit and Angel Avenue in paperback, just not in stock right now, but I can get them if required.

Prices below are quoted for books delivered in the UK ONLY, incl. postage and packaging! Plus free bookmarks!


Alternatively, just send me a message either on Facebook or Twitter to order your personally signed, first editions! Happy reading! And a happy weekend! 🙂