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Sarah Michelle Lynch

“I love him more than any man on earth. He’s everything. One look across a library instantly and irrevocably changed both of our lives forever and now we can’t get out – trapped together – because this love is unsurpassable and we both know it.”

tainted lovers (2)

“That he was now trying to edge his way into the monogamous realms of changing me ‒ goading me toward overcoming all the protective barriers I had set up with one fell swoop – was totally unreasonable and exacting in my mind.”

A Fine Profession WEBSITE USE

“Love her, not gently or frivolously, but like your whole life depends on her, like she lights up the very fire that keeps you burning…”

hetty ebook

“I am talking about the bind that cannot be broken, even though sometimes, you desperately try to. Yet you can’t. A true love is sharper when unexpected, more bittersweet when put on trial, more poignant in its infancy… it hurts because it demands, tests us because it’s truthful, shakes us because we fray in its presence… yet it will never be broken. I know what I am and what I can be but it’s just my way of testing the waters. Tugging the surface for the real matter beneath. Flesh and bone, is nothing. The real parts of us are hidden, concealed, beneath layers. Those are the pieces we don’t easily part with, yet remind me why my own mind forged a method of dispersing itself… to corners I didn’t have to connect with. I don’t mind admitting I wanted you to fail… yet you more than proved yourself worthy…”

unbind ebook

“I felt like King of the World, finally holding her fucking hand.”

worth it ebook

“He and I were both dominant beings and to submit to each other was our war of attrition; giving up everything we were to one another was beautiful, but at the same time chafing. We’d forever be warring because we were both so strong, so defiant. The mental struggle for personal and interpersonal dominance was real.”


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