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2063, Forty Years Post-Outbreak . . .

Seraphina “Seraph” Maddon, a rogue journalist doing what others have been killed for, stomps the streets of New York City day after day, seeking that one lead that will take her right to the heart of a corrupt regime strangulating love, faith and hope. Even forty years on, the truth of the outbreak remains a mystery.

So it’s a shock when answers emerge from the most unexpected of places – York, England. Seraph’s great aunt Eve Maddon, seemingly a simple dressmaker, lived a life Seraph knew nothing about.

It’s in the UK Seraph becomes aware she’s in real danger and along for the ride is Ryken Hardy, a virologist built more like a warrior than scientist. Is their meeting more than fated? And who killed Seraph’s parents?

The founder of UNITY, the one group working to return some sort of normality to the world, appears to be run by someone codenamed The Operator.

But who is The Operator?


Genre: dystopian science-fiction

Release date: TBC

Placing in series: 1/3

Length: 104,000 words (approx)


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the radicalIn the first instalment of S.M. Lynch’s dystopian adult romance series…

The year is 2063 and Big Brother has control; 40 years previously Officium took over global intelligence, government, supply and policing. In the wake of viral disaster they offered to return the world to order, but at a cost.

New York journalist Seraph Maddon has been trying to link the death of her British parents to the group that has rinsed the world of all hope – but more than ten years of investigations have turned up nothing. It is only when she leaves her job behind to travel to England for a funeral that she starts to unpick her family’s involvement in a movement known as UNITY.

Someone intends Seraph to cross paths with Dr Ryken Hardy and when they meet, it is not long before they are running for their lives – their combination a significant threat to those who believe themselves beyond surveillance.

Seraph’s rollercoaster journey of reawakening and newfound love is a battle to finally break free of the shackles of oppression. Secrets and lies are the norm amongst a frightened population and the truth may be best kept hidden.

But someone is determined… the truth will out, for better or worse…

The story continues in UNITY Vol.2, THE INFORMANT


“All we know is that we were born into corruption and madness and that nothing can move forward until the veil is lifted. Knowledge is freedom, and if the world knew the truth for a certainty, I’m sure people would rise up against Officium finally. But without definitive proof, we can do nothing. We need hard evidence otherwise anything else might send panic through the population again. I know one thing for sure at least, they will stop at nothing to keep the truth hidden…”


the informantIn the second instalment of S.M. Lynch’s dystopian adult romance series…

Exploding the secrets of 2023 was just the beginning. The Operator’s legacy has yet to be fully realized and there are those among the resistance who are having a hard time following orders…

Camille knows a few secrets guaranteed to create havoc if they escaped. While she watches two families come together to prevent Officium’s resurgence, she hovers on the brink of despair, desperate to be released of her responsibilities once and for all.

Meanwhile Seraph starts a new life in Paris, hoping to leave all her ghosts in the past. However, dark truths threaten to tear her world apart and a dramatic confrontation in the Catacombs spells tragedy for one UNITY member.

Still the journalist, Seraph is always listening… and always watching… and dark secrets seem abundant…


I was both the Principal and me, needing to suffuse the two to become something more powerful than I had ever been before. I saw the images of all I loved and ran at the group, holding a hand out for Mara to stay where she was. As I neared the pack, I reached down for the instrument hidden within my knee-high boot. It swished and gleamed against the twinkling skies overheard. I heard the emissaries take a quick intake of breath and licked my lips at the sight of their fear.





Unity Novels Progress…

VOLUME ONE OUT NOW… if you’d like a review copy then please get in touch.

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VOLUME THREE… cover reveal coming soon


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the radical the informant

Some of you know me only as an erotic/romance author. Some of you know I started out by writing futuristic stories that combine romance, thriller and scifi. Well, soon I will be unveiling how my work is developing and going down two separate routes. Don’t get me wrong there is always going to be some romance in anything I write. There will always be plenty of STEAM (to highlight the story, mind). However, when it comes to my scifi writings I will be known as S.M. Lynch now. That is because the scifi is definitely grittier and less forgiving than my other novels. Although if you read anything of mine you may notice I don’t write simple characters – ever – I always writing 3D souls who’ve seen, done and been places. Some protagonists may aggravate you but then not everyone is likeable in real life – it’s just understanding why that is sometimes difficult to comprehend.

So… I have a new series coming out very, very soon. I say NEW but I released these books before – at a time when I didn’t know much about professional writing. I just knew I had a good story. Perhaps a great story. I just didn’t really know then how I could tell that story in the best possible way.

I believe when you leave a story alone, and go back to it after a period of reflection, you obviously have a lot more perspective. I can’t recall exactly when I decided to revise these books but it just hit me before Christmas that it was important that I SHOULD.

If you visit the above website, you can get a feel of the series. I can reveal that one of the reasons I thought I should revise these books is because I do have some ideas at the back of my mind for a follow-up series to this series. The possibilities excite me very much. You see – these are set in the future. And the future is for the taking.

THE RADICAL is fully edited and will be released on track, this Saturday. If you like a read that you can swish through in one gulp, you will love this book.  It will keep you guessing right until the very end and hopefully – well definitely – will make you want to read on. THE INFORMANT will follow pretty closely behind.

So just how do I get you to invest in not just a trilogy, but a series? It’s a big, big ask. All I can say is that we’ve surely heard and read the same plots retold in different books over and over again. What you may like about my scifi novels is the characters. They’re all different. I push them through individual challenges and the world in which they live is a tightly controlled environment of fear, dread and corruption. So getting away scot-free won’t come cheap…

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the radical