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The highly evocative Nightlong series concludes . . .

Love may be the greatest risk
The harshest lesson, or
The sweetest salve.

Love may also be the one
True way to overcome

All of our grief.

I want to chase love
But the risks in this instance
Are massive and the odds
Favour no one.

Doom seems our fate,
Tragedy looms, inevitable
Murder taints the air we breathe.

Will love triumph?
Or was this never about love . . .

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FABIEN: The Vampire Serial – Is Now Complete

OFFICIAL FABIEN fabien is mine i'm yours

Book One

Centuries ago Fabien was thrown from his coven for betraying the queen who had claimed him as hers. Leticia chose him for his sexual prowess and never expected he would fall in love with a pathetic human, something she couldn’t forgive. Cursed to live alone, Fabien harbours a small hope he will one day encounter the reincarnation of his one true love.

One cold Christmas Eve Fabien bites a man who he believes could lead him to the one woman who might break the curse he’s been forced to bear for far too long.

The ancient vampire sets out to woo her in the only way he knows how but unfortunately for Fabien, love proves to be his constant undoing . . .


Book Two

A dark, erotic tale of vampirism and witchcraft…

IN PART ONE, A Christmas Tale, vampire Fabien felt sure he’d finally found the reincarnation of Juniper—his one, true love—and on New Year’s Eve, they left a house party to go back to hers and consummate their reunion.

However, not all was as it seemed…

IN PART TWO, Fabien Is Mine, a twist in the tale forces him to confront the evil vampire queen, Leticia and their first meeting in more than three hundred years means either certain death for him—or renewed sexual enslavement.


Book Three

In the final instalment…

Fabien knows he’s going to die—he just doesn’t know when exactly—and even though he has the love and devotion of the new vampire queen, it doesn’t seem to be enough.

He’s doomed.

He’s spent a whole summer knowing it may be his last with Juniper, the love of his life, and now he’s about to face his reckoning.

The shadow from the other side warned Fabien his task would become clear—he just never knew what it would involve. If he’d known, he might have chosen death long, long ago . . .

For audience 18+

Contains some m/f/m situations.


The Anthology

fabien anthologyFeaturing all three novellas in the series: A CHRISTMAS TALE, FABIEN IS MINE and I’M YOURS, FABIEN

Do you believe in true, everlasting love?




Vampire Fabien’s erotic story of trying to find his one, true love through the centuries includes mishaps, murder and a depraved queen determined to control him in every way. As he inadvertently wrecks families and tears lives apart to get back to his lady Juniper, he’s warned that no matter what happens, he will die before the first summer he spends with her is over.

Is Fabien’s fate sealed, or can he overcome evil to claim the life he should have had?




I watched detached, disengaged, disgusted that this was ever my life. I hadn’t attended a banquet in over three centuries but once upon a time, I would feast as Leticia was doing that night.

She and Louis suckled the red’s nipples, one each, as Leticia rubbed her hand up and down Louis’s length. With most other artless vampires already sucking and licking each other’s sexes, I was fixated on Leticia and Louis as they enjoyed their feast a little slower, more skilled at what they were doing.

Louis grinned and chuckled at Leticia as the red-haired girl writhed against her bonds, her eyes flicking open and shut, the whole experience like a dream to her, not reality.

Louis spread the girl’s legs and slipped his fingers beneath a full, red nest of hair, easing his digits inside her. As Leticia took their victim’s clit between her teeth, I watched from afar as little rivulets of blood fell down the sides of Leticia’s cheeks—streaks Louis cleaned as he moved his fingers in and out of the girl still.

The was just the starter. There was so much yet to come. Virgin blood was purest and therefore, could fuel a vampire with lust for days.

As Leticia took charge of pleasuring the girl, Louis moved behind Leticia, who kneeling spread her kneels slightly so Louis could lick her from behind at the same time. Louis drew blood from Leticia also and devoured her, his nails scratching down her back, behind and haunches, the wounds dripping blood but healing immediately.

I couldn’t deny the sights aroused me and I was hard with the thought of taking blood, using blood and sharing it. I was also hard thinking about taking a virginal body with my inordinate phallus, but that was the beast in me talking, a creature that craved something new all the time, something more.

Maybe Leticia thought I would eventually join in because she never looked around to find me and beckon me over. Perhaps she thought I would join her and Louis in a bedchamber later and there, we would have our own private after-party?

i'm yours teaserfabien and juniper FABIEN TEASER

☆☆☆☆Cover Reveal☆☆☆☆



Here is the cover for the last book in the SUB ROSA TRILOGY, Unleash:

KAY (4)


Have you ever fallen for the wrong person – knowing they’re not the one for you?

For Kayla Tate, pain and disappointment are all she has ever known when it comes to love. Is it that she never learned from her mistakes? Or is there a ghost from her past she’s yet to lay to rest?

Kayla embarks on a journey during which harsh lessons will be learned and relationships will be tested. It seems to centre around the Sub Rosa mystery, but where will she begin to unpick the threads? All she knows is that something doesn’t add up . . .

Kayla’s heartbreaking story is about lifelong friendships, taking chances and finding that one person who’s willing to risk it all with you – at exactly the right time.

LENGTH: Full-length novel


GENRE: Romantic suspense/women’s lit/BDSM





??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????We should chase away from what we’re scared of, right? Run as fast as we can. Yet some of us seem to veer toward chaos and destruction…

Chloe sees anguish and despair lurking beneath the surface of Cai Matthews, the dark and dangerously handsome freelance photographer she meets on her first day in a new job. She can’t see straight in his presence—blinded by a blistering sexual attraction that has the potential to sweep her clean off her feet.

When Cai disappears from the workplace and doesn’t come back, Chloe tries to find out more about his life but all she knows is he’s set to inherit a ton of money and his aunt runs one of the most famous fashion magazines in the world.

Cai is running from a complicated past he doesn’t like talking about. Gossip columns rage with speculation concerning him and his aunt, who took guardianship of Cai after his parents died.

Conscientious journalist Chloe has a mind for details and once she gains access to his world, Cai realises she could undo every, single dirty little secret that he and his aunt have tried desperately to cover up.



I’ll stab you in the heart. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
I’m coming for you.
No secret dies.
But you will.

In the concluding part of Chloe and Cai’s tale of frantic, tempestuous, meaningful love…

When news breaks that enigmatic magazine editor Jennifer Matthews is dead, it irks Chloe that Cai refuses to shed even one tear. What she doesn’t know is that he was expecting it, perhaps even, hoping for it.

In this dark, romantic tale of revenge, Cai explodes the deepest, most destructive aspects of his past as he comes to terms with the tragedy at the heart of Jennifer’s downfall. With Chloe’s love and support, he must brave his demons and dodge death to finally end a bitter feud between two damaged families.

**This book is not intended to stand alone and is the second in a three-part series, concluding in UNLEASH – Kayla Tate’s story.**



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About Sarah Michelle Lynch:


British author Sarah Lynch knew she could write from a very early age when a children’s story earned her several gold stars from a primary school teacher. She went on to earn various scholastic accolades and her love of reading and writing maintained through school life, progressing into adulthood with the pursuit of a degree in English Literature and then a career in magazine journalism.

It wasn’t until Sarah became a mum that she found the time and courage to write her debut novel, The Radical, the first in a dystopian science-fiction series which she had wanted to write for some time. After that, a dare prompted her to try her hand at erotica and A Fine Profession received some very strong reactions she could never have predicted. Since then Sarah’s stayed on the path of romance with her work ranging from contemporary to paranormal.

Her latest work, Unfurl, is the second part of the Sub Rosa series which begins with Unbind, the story of two people’s blossoming relationship set against a mystery from the past. In addition to her writing, Sarah is also self-employed as an editor and proofreader.