The Chambermaid Series

The Chambermaid Series by Sarah Michelle Lynch

All four books in the highly erotic, emotive CHAMBERMAID series can be purchased for less than $5 this week, April 7-11th.

 The first instalment A Fine Profession charts Charlotte’s journey from hotel chambermaid to sexual adventurer turned domme.

 Millionaire Noah’s tale in A Fine Pursuit uncovers a difficult childhood and a new development in the couple’s relationship.
Meanwhile Bedtime Confessions charts Charlotte’s days as a dominatrix.
And One True Lover explores sex after marriage and babies.

  Discover character development and personal triumph between two highly evolved individuals.

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An excerpt from A Fine Profession…

Chambermaid’s Rule No.3

Anticipation Is Paramount



My Initiate this day deserved a harsh lesson. He seemed so certain of my compliance and I was determined to thwart all his hopes.

“Tell me again, why are we doing this?” he asked.

“Were you not advised, it is not wise to question, but to simply administer to me in whatever manner I deem necessary, in order for you to receive the service in its purest, most effective form.”

“Why do you talk like that?” the disobedient man asked.

“If you question me again, I will leave. I have no cause or desire to be here with you. I ask your silence now and if it is broken, I will end our time abruptly.”

He nodded, subservient.

“Now, sir, please, let me just get comfortable.”

The Initiate was tied at the wrists and ankles, splayed and bound on his back, completely naked. His pale body was fresh and blemish-free. He was young and lithe, very tall and slender. He was impetuous and naive, however; possibly an ambitious man of my own age, who had already made significant steps up the rung of his chosen ladder. I knew the type. He was attractive and ripe for the plucking, but this was always the way. I always had to resist; proving my love for my Master.






Becoming Beautiful

He broke a moment of calm by throwing me over unexpectedly, dragging me on my knees. He pulled himself up close behind me, and lifted my torso, so that we were facing the mirror with his body just behind mine. He slipped on another condom and pushed inside me. I breathed deeply, for he was large and I was sensitive. He rocked against me slowly and pulled on my hips to bring me toward him, wrapping his muscular arms around me. His body was perfectly sculpted from lengthy gym sessions and I felt fleshy in comparison.

“Look in the mirror Charlotte, you’re beautiful. Your breasts are a thing of majesty. Of artistry and wonder. Look at them.”

I watched in the mirror, hazily, as he moved inside me. His hands wandered over my breasts, bouncing and holding them, telling me I gave new meaning to the term Rubenesque.

“Put your arms up, behind yourself, behind my neck.”

I did and when I had, I saw what he was getting at. My arms raised, my breasts moved too, and the tips lifted so that I appeared smaller of shape and size, but still quite big. Those large, uncomfortable things that had sprouted and encouraged mental agony in my late teens now looked very different. He tweaked my nipples so I could see in the mirror, and my armpits looked feminine and dainty against the hefty glands. I turned my head and he kissed me deeply, longingly. He pulled my neck so I rested back against his shoulder and he trapped me there so I couldn’t observe anymore.

This is an excerpt from A Fine Profession, which is being released THIS FRIDAY!!

This is a scene in which my heroine finally discovers she is desirable and it is with someone quite unexpected…