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Naked and uncut, Sarah’s second poetry collection is inspired by everyone and everything around her – meaning there is a healthy dose of acerbic wit within these lines, plenty of reality checks and many reminders to love and be kind to yourself.

Sarah wouldn’t describe herself as a feminist but as an advocate for equality, so though this book is predominantly aimed at women, perhaps men may also benefit from this collection – or even learn something about the complex female psyche.

No holds barred, these poems may challenge, infuriate… upset, antagonise, but hopefully overall, uplift and encourage much pause for thought.

One click: mybook.to/naked-observations

Author Note

I am utterly thrilled that my second poetry book is being received just as amazingly as my first one, if not better! Awesome. Poetry is something I’ve been writing much longer than fiction and perhaps why I was so nervous to go in this direction was it’s much more personal – but honestly, I have found poetry to be a way in which I can splurge my mind, hopefully help others and just let you know, we’re in this together, people. Simple as.

Please visit me on Amazon and pick up Naked Observations and Punctures for just 99 pennies each (on sale for a limited time). Or – if you have KU – read them for free.

Enjoy x

An Interview with Chloe Matthews from The Sub Rosa Series…

I recently took part in a Fall Blog Tour with Traci Sanders, an author friend of mine. You can read the FULL blog post here

It includes a character interview with the radiant Chloe Matthews. I’m pasting the “interview” here so nobody misses out…

So, Chloe, thanks for speaking with us today. We’ve all watched your rise in the fashion world with intrigue but what we really want to know is, how did you meet Cai Matthews? Or more importantly, how did he romance you?

Well, we met when we were both working at Media Solutions, a print and digital media company in London. He was a freelance photographer and I was a showbiz journalist. We went on one date and really liked each other but Cai’s work took him back home to New York. Eventually, fate intervened and here we are now.

Do you have Frame editor Jennifer Matthews to thank for your job as a Chanel model?

Not really. Her name opened doors for me, yes, but I think more than ten years in journalism helped me get where I am now. I was a model in my youth but illness forced my retirement, until now of course.

Does your husband talk about his tragic mother, Claudia Matthews, Jennifer’s sister?

He told me she was very sad and depressed, yes, but extremely beautiful and a wonderful, talented artist, just like him. He loved her.

What about the death of Klaus Häuser? Wasn’t he a friend of yours?

He was once a friend of mine and recommended me for the job at Media Solutions. As for his death, you’ll have to ask the police for the particulars. Goodness knows Klaus was a very naughty boy. I always thought he had a dark side, but I never knew how dark, obviously.

What is your opinion of your husband’s work?

Objective or subjective?

Both. I guess?

He didn’t reveal his work to me at first. He was entirely reticent to. It’s very personal to him and obviously, much of what he does is inspired by his mother. When he first showed me his photographs, I was staggered. I knew he had to showcase and I pushed him to, even though he didn’t want to. When I knew he could paint, too, I was terrified. He’s got so much talent for someone so young, it made me realise he’s carried a lot of pain over the years to be able to funnel it into his work so clearly.

You must have been worried after you heard Cai’s father was a Mexican drug lord?

He’s dead. What’s there to be worried about?

How is married life?

Not much different to how it’s always been… perfect.

How do you balance work life with family life?

Cai’s a very domestic man, you wouldn’t believe. He also doesn’t know how to sleep or sit still. I’m fine with it.

What about your ex-colleague Carl Sorensen? He was meant to be in love with you?

It’s total nonsense. We’re more like brother and sister.

And what about your best friend, Kayla Tate? Doesn’t she work for Frame magazine’s biggest rival?

I think this interview is over…


If you haven’t started the trilogy yet, what are you waiting for? The full series is out now, with the first book just 99 CENTS.

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New Book Out Now

the radicalGuys and Gals,

A re-energised, re-edited version of my dystopian romance series has just begun to make its way in the world. You can visit unitynovels.com to find out more. Or you can paste/click this link to be taken to your country’s Amazon site .

How do I get you to start reading a series? How do I get you to start reading full stop? There’s a lot out there available to read. And a series this long and this epic is an investment for sure!

I guess all I can really do is tell you what these books might do for you. Firstly, they may show you how me, Sarah Lynch, sowed the seeds of my writing career. THE RADICAL may be re-edited and souped up, but the essence of it is still my first novel. I think if you read it, you’ll see how very strongly this book took me, swept me off my feet and controlled me to the extent that I had to write it, had to get it down. It was an idea screaming so loudly in my ears. I continually had to fight off the urge until I just gave in and wrote it.

How did it become a series? What makes a series? How do you define A SERIES? Or is it just loads of words separated into volumes that should actually be one book…?

I have given this so much thought recently. So much thought. I have read a lot of series thinking “My god this could have been one book, or even a novella!” The truth is, well, a reader’s enjoyment is subjective for so many reasons. A lot of readers want to be carried off with an easy read, wheras many others prefer to be lumped in the realms of a thriller or mystery they can twist their minds with. I know that sometimes – my own experience is this – if we are constantly reading, reading, reading all the damn time, it gets tired. The same goes for writing. We need breaks in between the two. So if you come to something without any expectations and just let your eyes wash over it, let it sink into your head, you just don’t know what the feeling may be after you finish reading/and or writing. If you get me? 🙂

So, these books are a series and what defines them as a series is that they are a collection of puzzles. Each book is a puzzle to be unraveled and unfurled in itself. The puzzle will not be answered in volume one, nor volume two, or three, or even four. It will be solved when you go back and read them all a second time and go, “How did I not see these hints?”

Oh, and it’s only a few cents/pence at the moment! I am not underselling myself, not at all. Money is not important in this writing world. Investment in words – which costs nothing – is.