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Two years ago when I was pondering whether or not to self-publish my first book, I had no idea how my work would be received. No idea. When people texted/emailed me to say they couldn’t put it down and were in love with the characters, I just didn’t believe it. Couldn’t believe it. To me, writing was just something I enjoyed and that others enjoyed it was such a bonus. I didn’t know it would lead me on to write a book like A Fine Profession, nor A Fine Pursuit or Angel Avenue, which have been so well received since then. And the journey continues, the development is ongoing…

Today THE INFORMANT went live on Amazon. I am not going mad promoting it yet. I will do however when Volume 4 comes out. Then I will go mad. The reversions of what was the Ravage Trilogy, to me, signal the end of this stage of my creative development and the beginning of something new. It was only today I went to give a talk on self-publishing and had a potential pack of ten or more writers ready to put their work in my hands to edit and publish. I owe a lot to that first novel. I wouldn’t be here now without it.

Anyway, what I can tell you (without spoiling the plot) is that when I was writing these sci-fi novels, I was a new mum. Many of you know that. I was writing for the first time and it is only natural that a lot of my new concerns in life came to the fore in those novels. Also, a lot of people that came and went in my life, and those still with me, manifested in some respects in those early works that were more me than I think anything else ever will be.

It is sci-fi. Yet it has such a romantic edge. These are just stories that can take you away from this place. One major theme in the UNITY series is motherhood. I guess that will always stand prominent in any work of mine. You see my own mother was fostered when she was four and didn’t have it easy. My husband’s mum lost her mother when she was eight. That wasn’t the beginning of it for either of our mums. Both my mum and Andy’s mum strived so hard to give us what they never had. When I had a child too, so much hit me. I am sure so many other mums here and elsewhere can relate to that. UNITY is not only about a virus attack – it is about friendships, lovers, connections, relationships… it’s about alcoholism, abuse and how our imbedded personalities define us – all against this mad background of threat and suspicion, fear and longing. Dive in. I dare you!

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Prologue – THE INFORMANT!!!!

the informantOUT THIS WEEK!!

This is the sequel to THE RADICAL and promises to be explosive, action-packed, full of romance, intrigue and surprises galore!



January 2064

Mine was a life unlike all the others’. How bold a statement, you may say. Yet quite true. The rest thrived off reputation and hearsay whereas me, Camille Honoré, needed no reputation to prove how much of a threat to Officium I was. Nothing they had thrown at me had killed me. They had tried numerous times. I had kept my head down yet they knew of my conquests. My name was still synonymous with threat.

I sat in a bedroom in Paris, with these thoughts all swirling around my head. I looked out over the expansive rear gardens of Seraph’s new purchase: a house. The place needed a great deal of work and the gardens were more junkyard than recreational space, but I could see she believed in a possible transformation. I’d complain about the seals, the safety locks, the roof and she would smile and return, ‘It has potential.’

I loved her enthusiasm. Even after all that had transpired, she saw something good in everything. I knew it was because she had been to rock bottom and come back again that she didn’t take anything for granted. I had learnt that same lesson myself.

The strain of the past few months had driven me to the odd cigarette and I puffed on one out of the window so she wouldn’t see my vulnerability. Me, yes, me Camille Honoré, who was meant to be beyond all these earthly pleasures. Yet the past nine months had nearly killed me. Why? I could admit the reasons but only to myself. It knew it would take more than retrospect and reflection before I would be able to digest it with anyone else.

Seraph and her “condition” put a spanner in the works, let’s say. A touch of nausea on a certain Dakota apartment balcony was the whole damn reason why nine months had nearly killed me…

I was digressing. Getting sloppy. Allowing emotions to get the better of me. How crass. I forgot Camille Honoré does not admit she has the potential to die, when in fact she has more than the potential. I was just as fallible as the rest, if not more, though I was better at hiding it.

We thought Ryken had successfully paved the way for a resurgence. When in actual fact, no.

“Fuck him,” I whined to myself.

I blamed Eve for teaching me swear words. I blamed her for a lot of things actually. She had passed on and left me with a shit load of problems to mop up, sweep away, tuck under the carpet… (insert other archaisms here).

I was dealing with a mountain of logistical nightmares in fact and no amount of swearing would make me feel any better. Nothing was going to sway me from my feeling that the proverbial was going to hit the fan before long.

He damn well forgot to wear a prophylactic. Nothing but mayhem would ensue because of that one, silly, neglectful action.

I finished the cigarette and took out a mint, spraying myself with scented water too. Perfume would have her licking my face with the heightened sense of smell she had.

A ding from my xGen arrested me and I inwardly recoiled. What now? I told them all to leave me alone. I am not in the mood.

I had retired myself, I suppose, to a certain extent. I had left my no.1 in charge at the shop and had come to Paris with Seraph in a bid to start fresh, breathe away the cobwebs and reconnect with who I used to be. That thought made me chuckle inwardly: who I used to be

I recalled a little French girl, treated like a princess by her parents, strolling the streets with her mamma, seeking shoes from stalls that would inscribe your name inside and make it all the more magical to have something that was entirely your own. How fantastical. How whimsical. How nothing of that little girl remained in the powerful machine that had replaced her.

I picked up my xGen and saw a message. I saw the sender and heat flooded my body. Heat rose in my cheeks. She still had that affect on me. It read, ‘Got time for a chat? Only a quick one.’

Sure,’ I replied, unable to help myself.

She called within a minute and I froze when I saw her. She was all blackness and I loved it. The darkness within her contrasted with the lightness in me. Though what she knew, and only she, was that my depths ran darker and deeper than most others’ – and in that respect we were a perfect fit.

‘How are you?’ she asked with concern.

‘Shit,’ I replied. I never swore. She knew that meant it was bad.

‘He is on his way?’ she asked tentatively.

‘Yes, he is,’ I mumbled.

‘Do you want me to come over?’

‘No,’ I told her, my lips pursed.

‘I don’t like the way you look,’ she argued.

‘How should I look? Pleased?’

I was more miffed than I had ever been.

There was a very valid reason for Ryken’s disappearance off the face of the planet and now I feared all this sacrifice, all this struggle, would be for nothing.

‘You can tell me what is going on in that head of yours. If it will help to unburden you, you may as well.’

I sniffed. I shook my head and rambled quickly in French, quicker than even she could understand. I went into my roughest dialect, my street tongue, and she gawped as I reeled off a lot of jargon.

‘Don’t be such a child and just tell me,’ she chastised.

‘Huh,’ I harrumphed, sitting down on my bed with her on my lap. I had to think of Seraph and her talk of piles earlier… anything to take my mind off the beauty of the woman opposite me.

I cogitated and twisted my mouth before admitting, ‘You haven’t been here when she cries in the night. You haven’t seen her…’ I paused, my mouth twisting uncomfortably while I tried to combat my emotions, ‘…talking like she is happy when she isn’t, not really. She is only pretending… when really she is so sad, she can barely get out of bed in the morning.’

‘Camille, you always knew it would be this way.’

‘Oh, yes, yes,’ I laughed in a trite manner, ‘oh that’s right. Camille follows orders, that is what she does.’

‘This is not you speaking, who is this creature?’ she demanded, her eyes narrowing.

‘I am so tired of this,’ I moaned.

‘You cannot let emotion get the better of you. Not when we have a traitor amongst us.’

‘Ha, a traitor! That is a laugh, is it not? We are all traitors to ourselves. We are human and still we convince ourselves we have no feelings… just to get the job done.’

‘If you don’t bloody tell me what is wrong, right this instant, I am going to come over there to knock some damn sense into you!’

‘That traitor as you term them… that thing who proclaims to be a person, well… my spies tell me things I don’t like to hear. Things that mean this whole sham could have been for nothing! Nothing!’

‘I am coming,’ she warned.

‘No. I don’t need you adding to my problems as well. I already have too many people on the watch list, thank you very much.’

‘A few more days, Camille,’ she comforted me, ‘and Seraph will not be so vulnerable. Just a few more days.’

A few more days, a few more months, a few more years… they had piled up and robbed my life, those “calculations of time” that meant shit. This fight felt like it would never be over.

I wanted to tell my counterpart that she had no idea of the real legacy the Operator had left behind. Secrets nobody but me knew. Some so terrible… some days I had to break skin on the punch bag to rid myself of the guilt I sometimes felt. Me, Camille Honoré, breaking skin. Oh Jesus. Who was I kidding? I was just a woman too. No plan, no motive. Just a woman.

‘I will come if you want me to,’ she added. Oh I bet you would

Non, I don’t want you here,’ I insisted in a harsh voice.

‘Well, chin up. You never know, you might get to kick some more ass before long.’

I looked into her eyes and couldn’t help but crack a wry grin. That had me perked up. She was never easily offended, never gave up on me. She knew just how to appeal to my sense of humor.

‘She’s back, there she is, Camille is in the room again,’ she beamed.

I heard the door to Seraph’s room open after her nap and nodded towards Mara, whispering, ‘Got to go.’

She mouthed, ‘Okay.’

We ended the call and I heard Seraph yell from the corridor, ‘My back’s fuckin’ killin’!’

I chuckled inwardly. Seraph didn’t know how alike she and Eve had been. I had to hope she would never know the extent of the truth in that.

The Radical revealed her place in this tale, now I will unveil mine. Maybe I was the Principal first and foremost, in the eyes of the world. But there is/was so much more to me, too.

I was the Operator’s right-hand woman and you have yet to discover the extent of our former leader’s skills… prepare to be driven deeper into the murky abyss.

Unity Novels Progress…

VOLUME ONE OUT NOW… if you’d like a review copy then please get in touch.

VOLUME TWO… 100% COMPLETE… out next Friday… if you’d like to review this, message me on to be put on the list

VOLUME THREE… cover reveal coming soon


Ha ha.


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New Book Out Now

the radicalGuys and Gals,

A re-energised, re-edited version of my dystopian romance series has just begun to make its way in the world. You can visit to find out more. Or you can paste/click this link to be taken to your country’s Amazon site .

How do I get you to start reading a series? How do I get you to start reading full stop? There’s a lot out there available to read. And a series this long and this epic is an investment for sure!

I guess all I can really do is tell you what these books might do for you. Firstly, they may show you how me, Sarah Lynch, sowed the seeds of my writing career. THE RADICAL may be re-edited and souped up, but the essence of it is still my first novel. I think if you read it, you’ll see how very strongly this book took me, swept me off my feet and controlled me to the extent that I had to write it, had to get it down. It was an idea screaming so loudly in my ears. I continually had to fight off the urge until I just gave in and wrote it.

How did it become a series? What makes a series? How do you define A SERIES? Or is it just loads of words separated into volumes that should actually be one book…?

I have given this so much thought recently. So much thought. I have read a lot of series thinking “My god this could have been one book, or even a novella!” The truth is, well, a reader’s enjoyment is subjective for so many reasons. A lot of readers want to be carried off with an easy read, wheras many others prefer to be lumped in the realms of a thriller or mystery they can twist their minds with. I know that sometimes – my own experience is this – if we are constantly reading, reading, reading all the damn time, it gets tired. The same goes for writing. We need breaks in between the two. So if you come to something without any expectations and just let your eyes wash over it, let it sink into your head, you just don’t know what the feeling may be after you finish reading/and or writing. If you get me? 🙂

So, these books are a series and what defines them as a series is that they are a collection of puzzles. Each book is a puzzle to be unraveled and unfurled in itself. The puzzle will not be answered in volume one, nor volume two, or three, or even four. It will be solved when you go back and read them all a second time and go, “How did I not see these hints?”

Oh, and it’s only a few cents/pence at the moment! I am not underselling myself, not at all. Money is not important in this writing world. Investment in words – which costs nothing – is.


Some of you know me only as an erotic/romance author. Some of you know I started out by writing futuristic stories that combine romance, thriller and scifi. Well, soon I will be unveiling how my work is developing and going down two separate routes. Don’t get me wrong there is always going to be some romance in anything I write. There will always be plenty of STEAM (to highlight the story, mind). However, when it comes to my scifi writings I will be known as S.M. Lynch now. That is because the scifi is definitely grittier and less forgiving than my other novels. Although if you read anything of mine you may notice I don’t write simple characters – ever – I always writing 3D souls who’ve seen, done and been places. Some protagonists may aggravate you but then not everyone is likeable in real life – it’s just understanding why that is sometimes difficult to comprehend.

So… I have a new series coming out very, very soon. I say NEW but I released these books before – at a time when I didn’t know much about professional writing. I just knew I had a good story. Perhaps a great story. I just didn’t really know then how I could tell that story in the best possible way.

I believe when you leave a story alone, and go back to it after a period of reflection, you obviously have a lot more perspective. I can’t recall exactly when I decided to revise these books but it just hit me before Christmas that it was important that I SHOULD.

If you visit the above website, you can get a feel of the series. I can reveal that one of the reasons I thought I should revise these books is because I do have some ideas at the back of my mind for a follow-up series to this series. The possibilities excite me very much. You see – these are set in the future. And the future is for the taking.

THE RADICAL is fully edited and will be released on track, this Saturday. If you like a read that you can swish through in one gulp, you will love this book.  It will keep you guessing right until the very end and hopefully – well definitely – will make you want to read on. THE INFORMANT will follow pretty closely behind.

So just how do I get you to invest in not just a trilogy, but a series? It’s a big, big ask. All I can say is that we’ve surely heard and read the same plots retold in different books over and over again. What you may like about my scifi novels is the characters. They’re all different. I push them through individual challenges and the world in which they live is a tightly controlled environment of fear, dread and corruption. So getting away scot-free won’t come cheap…

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