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Today, two amazing authors posted reviews of A Fine Profession on Amazon. Really chuffed with the response and reaction I am getting for my erotica, because I know it is not always everyone’s cup of tea.
Reviews are so, so important for Indie authors, I cannot express how important really. They inform readers of what to expect, they also hopefully let the writer know they didn’t sweat blood and tears for nothing, and they get our books noticed. Thanks to these lovely people for rating AFP so highly! I am just doing what I love so this reality is amazing…!
5.0 out of 5 stars A gripping read… 10 Nov 2013
Format:Kindle Edition
This is a strange book; organized into different parts and different sections. Nothing out of the ordinary, but, when I first saw the Table of Contents, I was a bit overwhelmed. That sounds silly, but I was! The forewords give you a clue as to the path the story is going to take, but even then, it comes as a surprise!

I have a rule as a reviewer that if I can’t read a book, then I won’t review it and a few times, the sheer honesty of this book made me hover over whether or not I’d finish it. But I did. What do I mean by honesty? Sarah’s so honest with her writing, she’s almost brutal. Her candour and bluntness are almost unnerving until you get accustomed to her and Charlotte, the main character’s, voice.

Lottie is a well-written character, so much so that she ceases to be just a part of a story. She’s integral. Through her, we see pain and suffering, sexual release and need, hunger and a desire to be loved. Not just for her, but in ourselves. In fact, she’s so well-crafted that Sarah deserves a pat on the back.

This isn’t a comfortable read. The sex scenes are highly detailed and Sarah doesn’t pull her punches here, either. Some things will make you cringe; others will get you hot. A Fine Profession is a book that will stick with you, one that will make you ponder and rehash. Especially the ending. I know there’s a book two coming out and I can’t help but wonder where it will go and if Lottie will be a part of that.

I can easily recommend this book, but don’t expect your average piece of erotica. This is so much more.

4.0 out of 5 stars Stevie’s review of A Fine Profession. 10 Nov 2013
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
A Fine Profession tells the tale of Charlotte, a cancer survivor who undergoes a sexual awakening after the death of somebody close to her and transforms herself into Lottie, a naughty hotel chambermaid, meeting the love of her life in the process which eventually causes her to have second thoughts regarding her lifestyle. As a writer myself knowing how difficult it is to write sex scenes, I take my hat off to Ms Lynch (or would it be my basque in this case!) who seemingly manages to write about Lottie’s sexual encounters effortlessly.

If erotica is your thing, then look no further than A Fine Profession.

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Article and Blog Stop with @afterdarkonline

Please take a few minutes out to read an article I wrote for After Dark Online.

I hope the article proves enlightening and if not, interesting for those of you out there who write erotica like I do. A few writers have already said they have encountered the same reactions I have and are comforted to know they are not alone!

The website is promoting my book here and you can find out everything you need to know about my first erotic novel A Fine Profession.

A week today, the magazine will be interviewing me and in due course, reviewing A Fine Profession. Keep your eyes peeled. Still only 99pence to download!


A Fine Profession WEBSITE USE’s review of A Fine Profession…

This is not a first novel for Sarah Lynch. As Koobug subscribers will know she has previously written a trilogy about a future world. “A Fine Profession” is a complete departure. It is, in one sense, erotica, but in truth there is much more to this book.

On a primary level it is a tale of how a young woman, Charlotte, deals with infirmity and consequent low self esteem; how she develops and turns into a discrete sexual tease and instructor who, inevitably, falls in love with one of her clients.

On a more sophisticated level the book weaves a strong story around Charlotte, chronicling how a childhood cancer affects her. As we discover, her illness dictates her life, and defines the sexual woman she becomes: tempered by a core of vulnerability.

“A Fine Profession” explores her relationship with important people in her life. The narrative reveals a number of twists and turns. Suffice to say it would be a good story on its own. The sexual element of the book is an added dimension. It enables the author to explore betrayal, exploitation and infidelity in a different context.

The evolution of the plot is imaginative and excites the interest of the reader with a mysterious nocturnal opening, set in a run down mansion. The first few pages introduce us to a private detective, a chambermaid and the mysterious Miss Lottie.  The structure of the book is intelligently drawn and lures the reader to uncover the secrets within.

“A Fine Profession” has already been labelled as chick-lit and erotica elsewhere. In Koobug’s critique we consider neither does it justice. It is not a “fluffy” or vapid chick lit novel. There is much more to it than a titillating read. The “scenes of a sexual nature” are clearly integral to the way the story evolves. They are well written and crafted, remaining (just) on the right side of the erotic/pornographic line. (It is definitely a book for the 18+ readerships and will not appeal to those who dislike sexually explicit images and language).

This Koobug review closes with Sarah Lynch’s own description of “A Fine Profession” as an “erotic novel”. Read it and judge for yourself.

Read Sarah Lynch’s exclusive interview with

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First review for A Fine Pursuit and A Word or Two from Me

Today my fifth novel went up on Amazon. Click on the cover below to be redirected to the Amazon site of your country!

The review is as follows and kind of blew me away, as you may expect…

An exciting, deep, relationship to scratch your nails down. Having received an Advance Review Copy of this book, I made sure that I got stuck in as soon as possible. I had never read an erotic story before this, though I had a good idea as to what to expect. However, I was very surprised.

With or without the erotica in this book, the multiple dimensions of this read bring me to the conclusion that this is not about sex. This is about a relationship. It is a book about two people, who have both had damaged pasts, getting together and trying their hardest to make it work. It is a book of psychological entanglement, though whereas the main character, Charlotte, has dealt with most of her issues, the male lead has yet to face his daemons fully.

Noah reminded me much of myself, a mind left in a state of confusion and barriers. His love for Charlotte is so strong that he feels he must attack the haunts of his mind to free himself to love her as she deserves to be loved. It was a personable experience, one that you can get entrenched in easily. You can see these struggles behind closed doors, if you peek through the keyholes. Two people who are mad for each other, but repel like opposing magnets when they get too close. Annihilation.

This story is about the damage control of that annihilation, and throughout there are graphic sexual scenes, to be sure, but written in a way that you accept as being ‘their thing’. It is not the theme of the book, nor is it trying to force itself upon you. You are looking through the window of a truly complex relationship that is slowly blossoming, but is–and has been in the past–fuelled by pure animal, sexual prowess. Two strong and sexually strong personalities colliding, while between them the creation of a family unit, baby included.

I was taken totally by the amount of research that has gone into the making of this book, the actions and reactions to some of the most potent psychological explorations and traumas of the human mind. It deserves the five stars and more, and it is certainly a recommended read.

More profound than 50 shades of any colour you like.



My review of The Assassin Princess by Blake Rivers

I wouldn’t normally read fantasy though I have watched plenty of films in this genre. The first half of the book set the scene; a new world different to anything else I have been presented with before. I found myself wanting to read carefully to absorb all the powerful imagery. The worlds painted were colourful and dangerous; real and yet ethereal. The layers offered an edge of mystery and intrigue. You never knew what might happen next. There was poetry and threat. It was a world of innocence and experience. I was reminded of so many different literary influences and also epic scenes akin to those you may find in Japanese cinema, both anime or otherwise. The book cover gives you a great sense of this also.

Towards the latter half of the book, when the action ramped up, there were breathless moments. There were scenes that drew a disturbed reaction from me. There was splicing between worlds and layers and voices and it was done to move the action rapidly onwards. Even when you get to the epilogue, you yearn for the return of Ami’s innocence, though you know she can never go back. The connection she has with Hero is genuine, heartfelt and never overdone. It was refreshing to read a book where a lot is left to the imagination and you can see the scenes but also draw your own interpretations. It is a living, breathing book. I think there is much yet to be drawn from these characters and this book gave me a sense of that, so I look forward to seeing what might happen next!

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ARC now available

An Advance Review Copy of my latest novel A Fine Pursuit is now available. It is pretty much edited, proofed and set in place so what you’re getting will be pretty much the finished product.

Breathe in, breathe out… phew this is a big thing!

I am offering PDF or Mobi formats for anyone interested in reading this book in exchange for an honest review. It will be so important for the success of this book to have some reviews go up on release day (November 1st) and your reading this book will also give me insights into the market I need to target.

A bit about the book:

If you scroll down my blog on here, you’ll find a prologue, synopsis and other notes. It is an erotic novel written entirely from a male perspective, though I never try to make things particularly slushy whatever voice I am writing in, so slush-haters are safe there. What else I can tell you is this: this is a novel that will interest those who find psychology fascinating. It is also a book that may have you screaming at the pages. It’s very frustrating, but these are real issues I am dealing with. Nevertheless this is a romance, an erotic romance at that, and I have used the romance to offset the difficult issues I tackle. But, well, you’ll see…

To get in touch, you can use the contact sheet on my website or you can just email me here:

I would so appreciate some takers. A last word from me ‒ this story begged me to tell it. The story behind the work is interesting too. The experience is magnified if you read A Fine Profession first (I can provide copies of that too), but I have written this novel to stand alone if it needs to.

p.s. A Fine Profession will be in paperback very shortly. Watch this space!

Some great 5 ***** reviews… a happy author

I received a great review from a fellow author for my erotic novel, A Fine Profession…

Though it’s billed as chick-lit, A Fine Profession by Sarah Michelle Lynch is much more than that simple genre tag allows. What I discovered between these electronic pages is an involved story that’s engaging in ways as to draw the interests of both sexes. To label it as mere chick-lit or erotica serves only to lure a certain segment of readers while keeping others at bay.

This is the story of Lottie, a practitioner of all things sexual, hence the erotica label. But the story delves deeper into the human condition, examining the choices made by this one woman. Lottie is the one telling the story of her own sexual awakening, spilling her secrets to Heath, a private investigator sent to track down this mysterious Chambermaid. The sex scenes certainly call for an audience of 18 years of age and older; but don’t be turned away. Lynch has crafted a well-written story filled with fleshed-out characters that are as real as any literary characters I’ve ever read. We learn of Lottie’s childhood battle with illness, of her struggles with early-adulthood responsibilities, and of the true love she seeks. But just who sent this private investigator to track down the Chambermaid? You’ll have to purchase your own copy to get answers. This is a book I feel safe in recommending. I don’t normally read erotica, but A Fine Profession offers so much more than simple sex. I rate Lynch’s novel 5 out of 5 stars.

Not long later, I received another great review from another fellow author, for Beneath the Veil…

The story that unfolded before me as I read the pages of this paperback entranced me. The main character, Seraph, is an edgy and ‘dangerous’ reporter in the future time of 2063, a reporter with more flare than Lois Lane, and more reason to hold a grudge; in this future vision, the world is recovering from a viral disaster, and Seraph is in the middle of it all, taking her chances to tap her sources.

However, all is thrown in the air when it is revealed that her last surviving, much loved and revered relative, is dead. She hot steps it
from New York to York, Yorkshire, to attend the funeral and pay her respects. Yet there is more here than meets the eye, and from one of the last remaining wedding dress shops where said relative, Eve, had spent her life, an underground network of mystery and betrayal is discovered.

Intertwined with this, Seraph finds herself falling in love with a Dr, a man who was supposedly fired from the large corporation that now runs most of the world’s resources.

I truly enjoyed this novel and read a part every time I have an opportunity, and on my free day, I finished the last half in almost one gulp. A truly energised and inspired read, reminding me much of Resident Evil meets James Bond, though it is neither of these things and yet can borrow from both simultaneously. It is fast, sensual, exciting, and mischievous.

If I had to pick one thing to critique, it would be that the character viewpoints are mixed throughout a large portion of the book, meaning that in one scene you hear and know what more than one character is thinking, which can get a little confusing, (for example, the scene is all about Seraph walking through a room, thinking things over, but then her love interest’s thoughts come in from his perspective in the same paragraph.) However, that said, this is the first novel by this author and such things are easily looked over when you are as involved with the story as I was.

The ending is good, and I look forward to purchasing the next book in the series and finding out what happens next.

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