To sign up to Sarah’s review team, visit this Google Form and fill it in with as many details as you can: CLICK HERE

The only requirement of signing up is that you must have a email address so I can send books direct to your kindle. I don’t send e-books to any other email addresses.


Here are my requests if you do decide to read and review one of my books (requests not demands):-

·         Once you’ve read the book, review on AMAZON UK and US, and Goodreads, if possible. (On your blogs too would be fab!)

·         Please review the book within one month of delivery to your Kindle.

·         You can request another book to review at any time. Just email me the link to the review of your previous read, and I’ll send you another book to review.

·         If your review is one or two stars, please consider not posting a review. Maybe it just wasn’t for you. All I’m asking is that you consider not posting a review, or maybe just post it to Goodreads, which isn’t a sales channel.

And that’s the entire list of rules (not rules really, more like friendly guidelines!).

I am open to reviewers picking reads from my back catalogue. 

For the full list of my books, either visit or my Amazon US page or my Amazon UK page