Following on from my previous charity anthologies They Say I’m Doing Well and Break the Cycle, I’m now looking for writers/authors to help me put together another one. This will be done in conjunction with the LEEDS, UK AUTHOR EVENT 2018, which means you’ll be able to get this book in your hands on the day of the event, SATURDAY, MARCH 3rd, 2018.


Okay, so here are the basics…

  1. I am looking for poems that are 100+ words long (no upper limit)
  2. Your poem needs to be on the theme “Poems To My Younger Self” but you can title your poem as you like.
  3. Your poem needs to be emailed to me by NOVEMBER 30th, 2017 at the latest. Sorry, but no late entries. Please send your words via email to – but if you receive no response at all, it’s likely you’ve gone to spam. In this case, please just drop me a quick message on my FB page @SarahMLynch
  4. You don’t need to have loads of accolades or any poetic experience at all (even) to enter for a chance to be part of this anthology. Just write from the heart is all I ask!
  5. I will take no monetary reward whatsoever for putting together this book. It’s all off my own back, it’s all for a good cause.
  6. You don’t need to be attending the book signing (or be a signing author) to put forth your entry. I welcome entries from the US and beyond.
  7. I’m asking for previously unpublished words. It would be nice if the first time people read your poem is in our book.

Further deets…

  1. I cannot guarantee all poems I’m sent will feature in the book. Of course I will try to accommodate all, but if I mail you back and say there’s no room for your poem, it’s likely that I’ve just been swamped with entries and I’ve chosen the ones that best fit within the theme.
  2. I am going to showcase excerpts of all poems which are successful on my various social media sites in the run-up to the book signing (likely from January 2018 onwards).
  3. The finished book will be made available in paperback only, not e-book. In my opinion, poems are made for pages, nothing else! Either you can pick up your paper copy at the LEEDS BOOK SIGNING, or you can purchase it from Amazon US, UK, et al from MARCH 5th. I’ll keep the book on Amazon for the duration of a month, but then it’ll be gone forever. This is a limited time thing so I’ll repeat again, all book lovers not attending Leeds will still be able to buy this from Amazon for the period of the month it’s on there. People attending Leeds can pick up how ever many copies they like on the day of the Leeds Book Signing, March 3rd (I’ll make a pre-order form available nearer the time).
  4. I want to support the MAKE A WISH charity with proceeds from this book.
  5. Have fun writing and I do hope to see you in LEEDS!!! Just send me your poems and I’ll do the rest.

Sarah x