The Crimson Series

In the first of two parts…

Kitty Bright is always in charge and nobody tells her what to do. Favouring casual hook-ups instead of intimate relationships, this is who she is. She has decided she will never love again.

Ryan West is a former professional rugby player with a story of his own. Dropped into Kitty’s world, he immediately sees her for who she really is. Determined, competitive, ruthless when required, he will stop at nothing to secure Kitty’s heart.

The ghost of Kitty’s past—Tristan Hunt, the enigmatic nightclub boss who once owned her—lingers in the background.

Will Kitty ever be able to let go and love again?

Or is her heart irreparably damaged?

In the concluding part of the Crimson Duet

Kitty survived Tristan’s abandonment for a whole decade, and did so by turning her back on her former life and veering off in an entirely new direction. Now he’s back, memories have her in their grip and his sudden reappearance is making her question everything, all over again.

Despite the hurt he caused, she can’t help the way she feels. You know what they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Well, this time everything is heightened and she feels like she has no option but to give him one more chance. He’s determined to win her back with trips away, long and sultry nights, not to mention he’s even willing to let her flex her newfound dominance on occasion.

Then there’s Ryan, who we haven’t seen the last of yet. Horrendous truths follow and Kitty discovers there is only one man who really loves her – and he will do whatever it takes to keep her safe. But just how much of a sacrifice will be required to rid Kitty of the man who never really loved her?

Find out . . .

**The Crimson Series was originally published as a trilogy – now sold in two parts**